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The Verstraete family established themselves in business in 1922 in Zwolle, Holland, and in 1958 brought the business to Canada. Baldwin Verstraete started his travel career in 1970 and is currently President of Verstraete Travel & Cruises.

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Holland Liberation Tour 75th + 2

September 09 – 19, 2022

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September 07 – 15 and 19, 2022

For more information and to access and download the booking form, please visit: https://www.inourfathersfootsteps.com/

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Verstraete Travel & Cruises is fully appointed, accredited and licensed, representing all airlines, tour operators and cruise lines. We are the exclusive Canadian agency for the Welcome Again Veterans Foundation and so were extensively involved in the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland in the spring of 1995.  Holland Liberation tours have continued and take place every year, with major emphasis on grand tours every 5 years (2000, 2005, 2010 etc.).  We also specialize in WW1 and WW2 European Battlefield tours, Celtic Christianity tours, Oberammergau and River Cruises.

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