Holland Liberation 75TH Anniversary 2020

Tour Dates: May 1 – May 11, 2020


On May 5, 2020 Holland will enjoy and celebrate 75 years of Liberation.
The Dutch people wish to celebrate and commemorate these events with their liberators and families.
Welcome Again Veterans Foundation will organize a pilgrimage for the families of the Canadians who participated in Holland’s liberation.
A special welcome to the children and grandchildren of veterans who are invited to stay with a Dutch family. The tour will include Groesbeek, Holten, Wageningen, Apeldoorn, Zutphen and much more.

The Hotel in Zutphen is SOLD OUT, there is still space available at the hotels in Deventer and Almelo

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A  WW2 Dutch Liberation Pilgrimage –  for the Canadian descendants of WW2 veterans of the Netherland’s liberation.

Tour dates: April 29 – May 11 : 9 or 13 days

Complete details visit www.inourfathersfootsteps.com

Oberammergau 2020 – Passion Play Tour

Tour Date: May 18 – May 27, 2020

The history of the Oberammergau Passion Play begins in 1633. During the
Thirty Years War, after much suffering and also many deaths caused by the
plague, the surviving population of Oberammergau vowed that they would
perform the “play of the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus
Christ” every ten years if they were spared from extinction. On Whitsun in
1634 they kept their promise for the first time. As early as the middle of the 18th century spectators came to Oberammergau from all parts of Germany, attracted by the great power and mystique of the play. In 2020 the village will perform the play for the 42nd time, maintaining the continuity of this unique world famous event.

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Saint Patrick’s Way Pilgrimage and Celtic Christianity Study Tour

Tour Dates: July 10 – July 22, 2020

Tour Leaders: Dr. Uriah Pond & Dr. Dean Bursey

This TUCS* study tour will introduce you to Saint Patrick, the history and the myth, as we walk the 132 km Pilgrim Walk from Armagh, historically the ecclesiastical centre of Ireland, to Downpatrick, where Saint Patrick is buried. As an educational experience, this tour is intended to be both retreat and study. It will be interactive, with brief, informal lectures, the pilgrimage experience, daily reflections, and worship in the Celtic tradition. The tour is for those who wish to learn about pilgrimage by experiencing it first-hand. We will also explore Celtic Christianity through readings and being in nature. You will see and experience new places and worship, at a pace that allows ample time for retreat and reflection.

*This study tour is a seminary course at Tyndale University College and Seminary, but open to non-students as space permits.

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Battlefields Of Europe Tour 2020

Tour Dates: August 26 – September 07, 2020

Join retired history teacher and battlefield guide John Hetherington on this unique educational journey across the battlefields of Western Europe. This is a custom tour designed for all ages and anyone with an interest in military history. The tour will focus on some of the main campaign areas of the Canadian, British and American Armies that fought in Belgium and France during the First and Second World Wars. Be a part of this journey of remembrance creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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